Critical Incident Number 1-855-533-6466

As a member of the Legal Defense Fund you have 24 hour access to the top criminal defense attorneys in the State of Minnesota. In the scope of doing your job if you become the target of a criminal investigation, a defendant in a civil action, P.O.S.T. Board discipline, or involved in a critical incident the Legal Defense Fund is here to serve you.

If you are a member of the MPPOA, you can join the LDF. You either print and fill out the application at home and mail it to the MPPOA office, or you can fill out the Legal Defense Fund Application and pay online.

To find out more about the LDF, either use this link to read the "LDF Plan Document", or contact the MPPOA Office for more information. To see how our LDF plan compares to other plans view our comparison chart

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