Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association
Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association

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  • You knew the risks when you chose to serve and protect the safety of our communities. And although you've done all you can to prepare, it's impossible to predict what you might face on any given day. The same is true for life outside your police duties. You need protection, too.

    Insurance and service especially for cops from cops

    As a police officer you have unique and special insurance needs. At the MPPOA, we understand. That's why we began our own insurance agency to offer products that are designed especially for you from some of the most recognized names in the insurance industry. As a member of the police family and a member of the MPPOA - we are committed to serving you. That means we'll work hard to find the best coverage at the best price. When it comes time to make a claim, you'll talk to an agent that is dedicated to personally help MPPOA members. You'll get action, not a runaround. You'll work with someone locally, not an impersonal claim headquarters.

All of your insurance in one place

We offer virtually all insurance products like home, auto, cabin, boat, RV and motorcycle. Plus, our umbrella liability coverage is an ideal way to protect you against potentially devastating financial loss from a settlement. And when you combine policies, you'll earn substantial discounts.

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It's easy to find out how MPPOA insurance works for you. Just click on the links below and one of our experienced full-time agents will call you with a quote and answer any questions you have.
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Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association

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