Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association
Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association

MPPOA Legal Defense Fund (LDF)

  • LDF 24 Hour Critical Incident Phone Number: 1-855-533-6466

    You do your job. You serve the people in your community. But in the line of your duties as a police officer, you've become the target of a criminal investigation, a defendant in a civil action, or you might be involved in a critical incident. Where do you turn?

    The risk is real

    All too often an outstanding officer's career has ended or has been financially wiped out because of a legal action. The threat is very real. At the MPPOA we're doing everything possible to make sure that doesn't happen. We've established a Legal Defense Fund plan to give you the resources you need to protect your career and your bank account. The best legal talent when you need it most Members of the LDF program have immediate access to some of the best legal talent in the state AT NO COST beyond the annual dues. You pay no out of pocket expenses. You pay no deductibles. And there are no caps. Simply put, you will be provided the best defense for the cost of being a member of the LDF. Not one penny more.

We're at your side 24 hours a day

Just one call to the hotline puts you in touch with a highly-skilled, seasoned, and recognized criminal defense attorney with extensive knowledge in the specific area that you need any time of day. NO beginning lawyers. And you won't be waiting around to get the help you need. View profiles for the attorneys in the MPPOA Legal Defense Fund

Unequalled benefits. Unbeatable price.

We invite you to look at the competition for law enforcement legal defense plans. Do they name their attorneys? Do they detail the plan coverage? Are there limitations on attorney fees and will you have to pay additional costs? You'll discover that there's no comparison. The MPPOA LDF plan puts everything on the table. We are regulated and carefully examined every year by auditors and the Department of Labor. You get this access, quality and peace of mind for just over $8 a month. Group rates are even lower.

Become a member of the MPPOA LDF program

If you are a member of the MPPOA, you can join the LDF program by clicking the link below. Print and fill out the application and mail to the MPPOA office. Legal Defense Fund Application

More information

Find out more about the LDF, either use the link below to read the "LDF Plan Document", or contact the MPPOA Office for more information. LDF Plan Document

Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association

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  Critical Incident LDF Phone Number: 1-855-533-6466